Los mejores monitors

¿Qué monitor comprar? Si estás buscando monitors nuevos, te presentamos los mejores monitors que encontrarás en el mercado que se adapten a tus necesidades y presupuesto.

Samsung - Samsung C49HG90

Samsung C49HG90

Samsung C49HG90: the extra wide 32: 9 monitor

Samsung has taken the size of monitors even further with the C49HG90, which has a 49-inch panel, more than 124 cm diagonal. In fact, it corresponds exactly to two 27-inch Full HD monitors placed side by side, or an Ultra HD TV cut in half.





AOC Agon AG271QG: the monitor with the most reactive IPS panel

On paper, the AOC Agon AG271QG monitor is the G-Sync version of the Agon AG271QX (FreeSync) model that we have already tested. In practice, the two screens are very different. The G-Sync model has a more versatile IPS panel, but a little less reactive than the TN panel of the FreeSync model.