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Samsung Galaxy Book 12 ", an unbeatable two-in-one

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Successor to the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S of 2016, the Galaxy Book is both PC and tablet. It is equipped for this with Windows 10, a detachable screen of its keyboard, an Amoled touch screen and a stylus, and relies on a relatively powerful configuration with in particular an Intel Core i5 processor. The goal? Become the constant companion, both to stroll on the sofa in tablet mode, use demanding creation software or simply take notes in an amphitheater, for example.

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A computer, and, whenever you want, a tablet. This is the promise of the Galaxy Book. Thanks to the flexibility of its construction, the Galaxy Book quickly switches from one to the other. A light connector connects the screen to the keyboard. Both parts are light and thin. The filiation with the world of tablets also appears with the power button, located on the edge. But incomprehensibly, you have to press it several times to wake up the device or simply turn it on. This lethargy is annoying, and one seizes the extinct device with a certain anguish.

A protective case serves as a support for adjusting the viewing angle of the screen. Flexibility is however much less important than on a traditional portable or on a two-in-one equipped with a crutch, type Surface Pro 4: the tilt here is only adjustable in 4 positions. This should however cover 90% of the usage. The keyboard also has its weaknesses: flat, flush with the desk, it does not take advantage of the small elevation towards the screen found on the Surface Pro 4 - again it - for example, and which improves the comfort of hit. The lack of rigidity of the chassis also makes it difficult to use the device on the knees.

These ergonomic defects are regrettable, because Samsung offers a keyboard that is pleasant to use, as close as possible to that of a conventional laptop. The race is quite long and the backlight present. Only the touchpad, tight enough, will bewilder some.

Whenever you detach the keyboard, Windows offers to use "tablet mode". The Windows desktop then disappears, and the icons of the Start menu occupy the entire screen. This makes it easier to use your fingers to juggle between folders and software. For tasks requiring more precision, such as photo editing in Photoshop, Samsung offers a very precise and sensitive small stylus, which quickly becomes an essential ally.

A word about connectors and accessories: this is limited to two USB-C ports, which are used both for recharging, data transfer and connection with an external device. On a daily basis, a USB-A to USB-C adapter is required. In addition, we regret the absence of Thunderbolt. A microSD port also increases the machine's storage capacity, which in our version is limited to around 100 GB. Finally, no doubt to follow in the footsteps of Apple and its iPad Pro, Samsung is equipping the Galaxy Book with 13 MP rear photo sensor, also capable of filming in Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160 px). If the relevance of an APN on an Android or iOS tablet is already questionable, integrating it into a PC is incongruous.

Heating, finally, is rather poorly managed, with peaks between 46 and 48 ° C at the top right of the screen and behind it. No problem however on the edges and at the keyboard. As for noise, the device remains inaudible in a normal sound environment.



Like the Microsoft Surface Laptop, the Galaxy Book incorporates a screen with a 3: 2 ratio. This format is more comfortable for working or browsing the web, unlike the 16: 9, which is more suitable for movies and games.

Like many Samsung smartphones and tablets from the Samsung Galaxy S, the technology used on this screen is Super Amoled. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8, however, it does not use PenTile technology and has an effective 2,160 x 1,440 px resolution.

The user can therefore enjoy the benefits of Amoled without restraint: the contrasts are almost infinite, the angles of vision excellent and the persistence zero. The colorimetry is very good, once the "basic" profile is activated (Start Menu> Book Parameters) with a temperature of 6250 K and a delta E measured at 3.1. The gamma, meanwhile, is 2.4 on average: the screen is a little darker than expected, especially in light tones.

The only shade on the board, reflections dot the brilliant screen when the light sources are varied. If you work in such an environment, this effect may put you off. Samsung tried to limit it by offering a high maximum brightness (469 cd / m²), but we are still far from the effectiveness of Apple's anti-reflective treatments on its iPad Pro.

Overall, the Galaxy Book tile is however very pleasant to look at, contrasting and visually flattering.



Samsung wanted to strengthen its game and equips its Galaxy Book with an Intel Core i5 7200U processor associated with 4 GB of RAM. Compared to the Intel Core m3-6Y30 of the Galaxy Tab Pro S, the Core i5 7200 U benefits from active cooling and is clocked at 2.50 GHz. The power index is affected and climbs to 113, at the Surface Laptop and above all other two-in-one.

Samsung's stated goal is therefore not to reduce this tablet-PC to a backup machine, but to make it the unique device that will follow all uses. In reality, the Galaxy Book is comfortable in 3D rendering and video encoding, even if you don't have to expect as much as a machine dedicated to this type of task. The photo editing will also be done with pleasure, enhanced by the quality of the screen and the use in touch mode with the stylus. Only downside, the compression of files under 7zip and WinRAR proved to be a little slow.



The Samsung Galaxy Book is not a gaming machine. Its 3: 2 aspect ratio is on the one hand not designed for this use, and on the other hand, it does not have a dedicated graphics card, based on the integrated GPU Intel HD Graphics 620. Its video performance are affected, with an index of 26 on 3D Mark, up to current ultrabooks. If running a modern 3D game is a challenge, "indie" or "pixel art" type productions will work without great difficulty.

The Christmas holidays are approaching and you find yourself trapped in the family country house for a whole week. Between two naps, ...



If you are a Windows 10 aficionado in tablet mode (film, web, photo edition) the Galaxy Book is a very good choice. Attached to the keyboard for office use, it will respond. This great versatility is reinforced by the portability of this 2-in-1: autonomy and small footprint are part of it. If small ergonomic hiccups tarnish this set, the Galaxy Book remains a reliable daily companion.