The best martial arts actors

The best martial arts actors
Between punches and flying kicks we will bring back the best martial arts actors of the cinema, so raise your guard. Many of them were martial arts athletes before becoming actors.

TOP 13:

Lorenzo Lamas

Lamas has been practically missing in combat but if you talk about the best of all time you have to mention it. The man was important in the late 80s and early 80s with successful movies and television shows. Lamas has a black belt in taekwondo, karate, kempo, and jujitsu.

TOP 12:

Ronda Rousey

Ronda is predicted a great future in action films after his first 5 films. Ronda has a very solid background in combat sports being the youngest judoka to participate in an Olympiad and in a world championship with 17 years. She was also the first woman to sign with the UFC and may become the first woman to emulate the great established figures of the genre.

TOP 11:

Mark Dacascos

Although some years ago we did not see this Hawaiian actor in theaters, it is good to remember that Dacascos has the merit of having brought capoeira to the big screen contributing to its popularity in the late 80s and early 90s. In addition to this beautiful discipline Dacascos is an expert in karate and in various types of kung fu, in which he won several international championships in youth categories.

TOP 10:

Tony Jaa

Phanom Yeerum, known as Tony Jaa, is an actor, choreographer of action scenes and Thai martial artist known for martial arts films such as Ong-Bak: The Warrior Muay Thai (2003) and Thai Dragon / The Protector (2005), as well Like the sequels of these.

TOP 9:

Bolus Yeung

The Bolo, as many fans of martial arts movies call him, is a veteran of the genre. Bruce Lee's great rival in several films and ruthless murderer in Bloody Sport against Jean Claude Van Damme. Bolo is a true legend of cinema and martial arts.

TOP 8:

Wesley Snipes

Wesley debuted on television in the 80s and quickly settled into action movies due to his previous training in karate, kung fu, and capoeira. After a small legal problem with tax evasion Wesley is back making movies.

TOP 7:

Steven Seagal

One of his best films is Above the Law, the first Steven Seagal movie in the late 80's. Many viewers like never seen fighting with aikido techniques. But in addition to being a 7th black belt in spectacular Japanese martial art, Steven was already a black belt in karate, judo, and kendo. Before that movie, Steven had appeared in several films as a double.

TOP 6:

Chuck Norris

Who doesn't remember the epic scene against Bruce Lee in the Roman coliseum of Way of the Dragon? In addition to starring in the most famous scene in the history of the genre, Chuck was twice a karate champion and fighter of the year in 1969 which allowed him to make a long career in action movies and martial arts.

TOP 5:

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan started very young doing extra in Bruce Lee movies around the 70s. But back then Chan was a specialist in karate, judo, taekwondo, and jeet kune do. The actor is also known for his acrobatic skills. Jackie emerged with his own style that combines impressive precision with a high dose of humor that borders on ridicule, it is probably the most fun to watch on this list.

TOP 4:

Jean Claude Van Damme

For some lovers of martial arts films Jean-Claude is more a dancer or a model than a martial artist. But the truth is that man has an incredible talent to demonstrate his true abilities to the cameras. The Belgian actor won the European full contact karate championship in 1979. His unfriendly relationship with Steven Seagal has generated a lot of noise for decades.

TOP 3:

Jason Statham

Jason has a solid background as a martial artist. Although he has no championship title in his record, Statham is undoubtedly one of the most credible in his performances and has one of the most prolific races in the genre.

TOP 2:

Jet li

Jet became world famous in the late 90s but he already had a long career as an actor in his native China. Jet is a specialist in kung fu styles from northern China known as baguazhang and changquan. The actor helped set up the martial arts choreographies used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

TOP 1:

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is the greatest of them all for many reasons. The emergence of the genre itself is closely linked to the figure of Bruce Lee. The first martial arts films emerged after his spectacular appearance on the television show The Green Hornet in 1966. Lee created a unique kung fu style called Jun Fan Gung Fu, which literally means Bruce Lee's kung fu. Most of the actors on this list have referred to Lee as the biggest figure in the genre. His premature death under murky conditions contributed to enlarge his legend.