Best Norman Chu movies

Best Norman Chu movies
We present our ranking of the best Norman Chu movies. Do you love cinema? Or are you looking for a movie of your favorite actor to watch tonight? Surely you have some to see or that you did not know yet about Norman Chu.

TOP 10:

The Mighty Peking Man

The Mighty Peking Man
Original Title: 猩猩王
Norman Chu as: Dr. Ah Long
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror
Release: 1977
Word of a monster ape ten stories tall living in the Himalayas reaches fortune hunters in Hong Kong. They travel to India to capture it, but wild animals and quicksand dissuade all but Johnny, an adventurer with a broken heart. He finds the monster and discovers it's been raising a scantily-clad woman, Samantha, since she survived a plane crash years before that killed her parents. In the idyllic jungle, Johnny and Samantha fall in love. Then Johnny asks her to convince "Utam" to go to Hong Kong. Lu Tien, an unscrupulous promoter, takes over: Utam is in chains for freak show exhibitions. When Lu Tien assaults Samantha, Utam's protective instincts take over: havoc in Hong Kong.

TOP 9:

Tiger on the Beat

Tiger on the Beat
Original Title: 老虎出更
Norman Chu as: Poison Snake Ping
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Release: 1988
A seasoned cop and his rookie partner are a pair of mismatched partners in this Hong Kong action-comedy in the style of 'Lethal Weapon'. The wacky twosome are up in arms as they try to solve the murder of a heroin trafficker.

TOP 8:

Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain

Zu: Warriors from the Magic Mountain
Original Title: 蜀山 - 新蜀山劍俠
Norman Chu as: Heaven's Blade
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Release: 1983
In the fifth century, constant civil war scars western China. To escape death, Ti, a young scout, jumps through a crevice in the Zu mountains where he gets entangled in a great battle against the Blood Demon, a supernatural entity seeking to wreak havoc upon the world.
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TOP 7:

Sword Master

Sword Master
Original Title: 三少爷的剑
Norman Chu as: Cult Leader
Genre: Action
Release: 2016
Weary of the bloodshed and violence from the martial arts world, a powerful swordsman banishes himself to the humble life a vagrant, wandering the fringes of society. But his violent past refuses to let him go quietly. The master swordsman must regain the ability to wield his sword and fight those disrupting the peace he so desperately craves.
Did you know that this movie is also one of best Lin Gengxin movies?

TOP 6:

Dream Home

Dream Home
Original Title: 維多利亞壹號
Norman Chu as: Sheung's dad
Genre: Horror
Release: 2010
A woman will go to whatever lengths necessary to obtain her dream home with a view of the sea. This includes driving down the property value and decreasing the occupancy rate by killing her potential neighbors ...

TOP 5:

King of Beggars

King of Beggars
Original Title: 武狀元蘇乞兒
Norman Chu as: Chiu / Chau/Zhao Wu Ji
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Release: 1992
The illiterate General of Canton, General So, advocates a lazy, happy lifestyle of sex and money. His spoiled and also illiterate son, Chan (Stephen Chow), is his most faithful disciple. For the love of a woman, Chan attends the national exams for Martial Arts Scholar in Peking. Chan is victorious on the physical test, but before he is to be crowned, he is found to have cheated on the written exam. The Emperor sentences Chan to be a beggar. Initially Chan is unable cope with his new role, but with some mystic help, he takes on the position as King of the Beggars Association. Leading this motley crew into battle against an evil warlord in the Emperor's entourage, Chan rescues the Emperor, and gains respect for the beggars.
Did you know that this movie is also one of best Stephen Chow movies?

TOP 4:

Wing Chun

Wing Chun
Norman Chu as: Flying Chimpanze
Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy
Release: 1994
Martial arts expert Wing Chun battles bandits in this magical film that provides as many laughs as it does wallops. Besides horse thieves, Wing Chun must deal with the men around her who simply can't handle a strong, independent woman. Ultimately, she must dish out "lessons" again and again and again until the respect for her remarkable skills is finally won.
Did you know that this movie is also one of best Michelle Yeoh movies?

TOP 3:

Heroes of the East

Heroes of the East
Original Title: 中華丈夫
Norman Chu as: Chang
Genre: Action
Release: 1978
Gordon Liu stars as a Chinese martial arts student struggling to relate to his new Japanese wife. When a series of martial misunderstandings spirals into an international incident, he's forced to take on seven of Japan's most powerful martial arts masters, each an expert in a different discipline, ranging from karate to samurai to ninjitsu.

TOP 2:

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Original Title: 少林三十六房
Norman Chu as: Lu Ah-Cai, San Ta's student
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release: 1978
The anti-Ching patriots, under the guidance of Ho Kuang-han, have secretly set up their base in Canton, disguised as school masters. During a brutal Manchu attack, Lui manages to escape, and devotes himself to learning the martial arts in order to seek revenge.
Did you know that this movie is also one of best Lo Lieh movies?

TOP 1:

Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty
Original Title: 诛仙
Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Release: 2019
After the massacre of his village, Zhang Xiaofan is taken in by the Qing Yun Sect where he begins his journey of cultivation. When he finds out the truth behind the deaths of his parents, he succumbs to his rage and demonic tendencies and becomes the enemy of Qing Yun Sect.

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