Best J枚rdis Triebel movies

Best J枚rdis Triebel movies
If you love cinema, you will share this ranking of the best J枚rdis Triebel movies, although you may have ordered them differently. In any case, we hope you love it and with a little luck discovering a movie that you still don't know about J枚rdis Triebel.

TOP 7:

Robby and Toby's Fantastic Voyager

Robby and Toby's Fantastic Voyager
Original Title: Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewat眉眉t
J枚rdis Triebel as: Tobbis Mutter
Genre: Adventure, Family
Release: 2016
One day, robot Robby enters into a life of the most creative little boy, Toby. Robby had been separated from his robot parents when his spaceship crashed. Toby decides to offer his help and the two of them become friends.
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TOP 6:

Me and Kaminski

Me and Kaminski
Original Title: Ich und Kaminski
J枚rdis Triebel as: Elke
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: 2015
Young journalist Sebastian Z枚llner is writing an article on artist Manuel Kaminski. Z枚llner hopes that Kaminski dies soon, so that he can cash in on his article.

TOP 5:

A Woman in Berlin

A Woman in Berlin
Original Title: Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin
J枚rdis Triebel as: B盲rbel Maltaus
Genre: Drama, War, History
Release: 2008
A nameless woman keeps a diary as the Russians invade Berlin in the spring of 1945. She is in her early 30s, a patriotic journalist with international credentials; her husband, Gerd, a writer, is an officer at the Russian front. She speaks Russian and, for a day or two after the invasion, keeps herself safe, but then the rapes begin. She resolves to control her fate

TOP 4:

Pope Joan

Pope Joan
Original Title: Die P盲pstin
J枚rdis Triebel as: Joan's mother
Genre: Drama
Release: 2009
A 9th century woman of English extraction born in the German city of Ingelheim disguises herself as a man and rises through the Vatican ranks.
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TOP 3:

Emma's Bliss

Emma's Bliss
Original Title: Emmas Gl眉ck
J枚rdis Triebel as: Emma
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release: 2006
Upon being informed that he is fatally ill with cancer, Max, who works at a used car store, steals money which his boss has gained through illegal means. When fleeing from the scene of the crime Max crashes his car. He is pulled unconscious from the destroyed vehicle by a homely young woman, Emma, who lives alone on a farm where Max decides to stay in order to hide from the police and his boss.

TOP 2:

25 kmh

25 kmh
Original Title: 25 km/h
J枚rdis Triebel as: Lisa
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Adventure
Release: 2018
A road movie about two very different brothers who have not seen each other for 20 years: city manager Christian and cabinetmaker Georg, who never left their hometown and took care of their father until his passing. After their fathers funeral, the brothers decide on a whim, and with some help from the alcohol, to fulfil their old dream: travel trough Germany together on their mopeds.

TOP 1:

The Silent Revolution

The Silent Revolution
Original Title: Das schweigende Klassenzimmer
J枚rdis Triebel as: Frau Kessler
Genre: Drama, History
Release: 2018
Stalinstadt, East Germany, 1956. While the Hungarian uprising against Soviets is taking place, teenage members of a classroom of the local school perform a seemingly harmless act that causes unexpected consequences.
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