Best Denis Akiyama movies

Best Denis Akiyama movies
Today we present the best Denis Akiyama movies. If you are a great movie fan, you will surely know most of them, but we hope to discover a movie that you have not yet seen ... and that you love! Let's go there with the best movies from Denis Akiyama:

TOP 9:


Character: Professor Iwatani
Genre: Action, Comedy, Science Fiction
Release: 2015
Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.
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TOP 8:

Johnny Mnemonic

Johnny Mnemonic
Character: Shinji
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller
Release: 1995
In a dystopian 2021, Johnny is a data trafficker who has an implant that allows him to securely store data too sensitive for regular computer networks. On one delivery run, he accepts a package that not only exceeds the implant's safety limits鈥攁nd will kill him if the data is not removed in time鈥攂ut also contains information far more important and valuable than he had ever imagined. On a race against time, he must avoid the assassins sent to kill him and remove the data before it, too, ends his life.
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TOP 7:

Extreme Measures

Extreme Measures
Character: Prof. Asakura
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release: 1996
Guy Luthan, a British doctor working at a hospital in New York, starts making unwelcome enquiries when the body of a man who died in his emergency room disappears. After the trail leads Luthan to the door of an eminent surgeon at the hospital, Luthan soon finds himself in extreme danger people who want the hospital's secret to remain undiscovered.
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TOP 6:

Eloise at the Plaza

Eloise at the Plaza
Character: Prince of Kushin (as Dennis Akiyama)
Genre: Comedy, Family, Mystery
Release: 2003
This is a comedy about a six-year-old girl who lives at thr Plaza Hotel in New York City and causes havoc.
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TOP 5:

The Pacifier

The Pacifier
Character: Mr. Chun
Genre: Comedy, Family
Release: 2005
Disgraced Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe is handed a new assignment: Protect the five Plummer kids from enemies of their recently deceased father -- a government scientist whose top-secret experiment remains hidden in the kids' house.
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TOP 4:

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Afterlife
Character: Captain Hotaka
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction
Release: 2010
In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety. Her deadly battle with the Umbrella Corporation reaches new heights, but Alice gets some unexpected help from an old friend. A new lead that promises a safe haven from the Undead takes them to Los Angeles, but when they arrive the city is overrun by thousands of Undead - and Alice and her comrades are about to step into a deadly trap.

TOP 3:


Character: Speaker Omaha
Genre: Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller
Release: 2002
An unsuspecting, disenchanted man finds himself working as a spy in the dangerous, high-stakes world of corporate espionage. Quickly getting way over-his-head, he teams up with a mysterious femme fatale.

TOP 2:

Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers
Character: Pharmacist
Genre: Thriller, Horror
Release: 1988
Elliot, a successful gynecologist, works at the same practice as his identical twin, Beverly. Elliot is attracted to many of his patients and has affairs with them. When he inevitably loses interest, he will give the woman over to Beverly, the meeker of the two, without the woman knowing the difference. Beverly falls hard for one of the patients, Claire, but when she inadvertently deceives him, he slips into a state of madness.

TOP 1:

Kiss and Cry

Kiss and Cry
Character: Shin
Genre: Drama, Music, Romance, TV Movie
Release: 2017
A romantic drama based on the story of Carley Allison, a promising 18 year old figure skater and singer who made medical history in her fight against a rare 1 in 3.5 billion type of sarcoma.

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