Best Cody Christian movies

Best Cody Christian movies
We present our ranking of the best Cody Christian movies. Do you love cinema? Or are you looking for a movie of your favorite actor to watch tonight? Surely you have some to see or that you did not know yet about Cody Christian.

TOP 5:

The Starving Games

The Starving Games
Cody Christian as: Peter Malarky
Genre: Comedy
Release: 2013
In this Hunger Games spoof, Kantmiss Evershot must fight for her life in the 75th annual Starving Games, where she could also win an old ham, a coupon for a foot-long sub, and a partially eaten pickle.

TOP 4:


Cody Christian as: Dylan
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Release: 2015
A limo ride turns hellish as several kidnappers set their sights on the young people inside.
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TOP 3:


Cody Christian as: Boy Canter
Genre: Science Fiction, Action, Thriller
Release: 2009
Set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others' surrogates.
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TOP 2:

Assassination Nation

Assassination Nation
Cody Christian as: Johnny
Genre: Thriller, Comedy, Horror
Release: 2018
High school senior Lily and her group of friends live in a haze of texts, posts, selfies and chats just like the rest of the world. So, when an anonymous hacker starts posting details from the private lives of everyone in their small town, the result is absolute madness leaving Lily and her friends questioning whether they'll live through the night.
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TOP 1:

Kill the Irishman

Kill the Irishman
Cody Christian as: Young Danny Greene
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller, Drama
Release: 2011
Over the summer of 1976, thirty-six bombs detonate in the heart of Cleveland while a turf war raged between Irish mobster Danny Greene and the Italian mafia. Based on a true story, Kill the Irishman chronicles Greene's heroic rise from a tough Cleveland neighborhood to become an enforcer in the local mob.

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