Alternatives to

Alternatives to
The portals of online series and online movies are closing due to Spanish legislation. A clear example is and SeriesPepito that have closed their series viewing portal, as well as In this article we show you some alternatives to and SeriesYonkis that you may find interesting to watch online series.

TOP 1:

Seriesdanko is probably the best alternative to and seriesYonkis. A web portal where to stream a large number of series. In addition to series from all eras, you can find television programs that can be viewed online.

TOP 2: and

These are a good alternative to, since they offer the best-known series and movies for streaming, from the browser itself. This alternative to deserves at least a try to see if you find your favorite series.

TOP 3:

Cuevana allows you to watch streaming series and movies, but does not allow downloading. To be able to see them, you need to download their program available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In addition to these free alternatives to SeriesYonkis, we have many payment alternatives to be able to enjoy your series without having to search online for links and view the chapters with poor quality. We will list the best alternatives to paid:
  • Nubeox: Atresmedia online video store. Your content can be viewed on your computer, on iOS devices, Android, and even on SmartTVs
  • Yomvi: Canal + users can enjoy the series and movies for free, or they can be rented for 3 euros, or monthly subscriptions for 10 euros.
  • WuakiTV: You have a monthly subscription of movies for less than € 7.
These are the best alternatives to SeriesYonkis both paid and free. We hope that in this article you have found what you were looking for, and do not forget to leave your comment with your opinion about the proposed SeriesYonkis alternatives.