Things to do when you have not studied for the exam

Things to do when you have not studied for the exam
Have you been the whole course at the bar? Have you asked for all your friends' notes and you haven't read a page? Do you take an exam without studying? Well, we tell you all the things you can do to try to scratch a tip.

TOP 1:


Without a doubt, if after trying everything you still have hopes to pass, you have a lot of faith. Your last hope is to pray (so that the teacher misses the exams ...).

TOP 2:

Knowing how to leave at the right time

If in 15 minutes you have finished a three-hour exam, don't give it up! Never! You always have to wait for someone else to deliver you to get up and not be the first to make a fool of yourself. Surely after the first one, half of the class will get up with the blank sheet and you can sneak out.

TOP 3:

Believe in luck

Are you in front of a test type test? You have been lucky friend! Try to create patterns: ABCDAB ... and if you think answer A is correct in 10 questions in a row, you get it wrong ... change some randomly so you don't sing so much. And above all, do not be discouraged, remember that you have come to play, that the result does not matter!

TOP 4:

Make unexpected turns

They ask you about a subject you have never heard of, but you master similar ones? Well, you have a great time to turn the teacher's question, start linking concepts to talk about something totally different, but do it safely and explaining everything you know. Surely some dots fall for how well you knew the other subject, and you can justify yourself with a "I didn't understand the question."

TOP 5:

Ask on time

Haven't you been to any class in the entire course? That is why you are not interested in the subject. You always have the resource to ask the teacher questions to see if any answer falls, or listen when other students ask if you can take advantage of it.

TOP 6:

Adopt a positive attitude

Do you think you can with it? Well, put a face of concentration to see if any idea comes to mind. It is very unlikely, but if you only think under which bridge you will live, surely you will not approve.

TOP 7:

The image is important.

Do you have very little idea of what to answer? Well at least make it beautiful: take care of the presentation, make a beautiful and large letter, use the rule ... Make a large line, so that the teacher can read it clearly and suspend you without getting tired of your eyes.

TOP 8:

The chop

If you take the exam without having studied and need to pass, you have to exhaust all the resources. You have to use the advanced technology of the cutlet: from writing the formulas all over your arm, to putting the phone inside a juice brick.

TOP 9:

Use the inventive

They ask you about the cold war and you have no idea what happened? Well, the solution is obvious ... Let's see how many pages you can fill talking about the cold it made.

TOP 10:


You have no choice but friend, if you have no idea no idea what they ask, you have to copy. You must copy! If you have left your salary in photocopies of your classmates (who have not had time to read ...), it becomes a matter of honor. Have you sat next to the friends of the bar? It has not been a good idea ... Inspect the land, look for the nerds and pray that they write very well. When you have the prey chosen ... Copy!
But never forget, that if the partner says "I don't know", you should never write "Me neither", you can sing a tad.

Have you had to use any of these techniques in your life? If you have not done so, it means that you are a great student, but probably one day you will have to use one in an extreme case.