The most used excuses to break up with your partner

The most used excuses to break up with your partner
Are you thinking of breaking up with your partner? Well watch what you will say, because if you do not prepare it you can fall into the most silly, stupid and ridiculous topics. Topics like the ones we are going to see in this TOP: the most used and the most painful we have ever heard, or that we have even been told in life :(

TOP 1:

It's not you, it's Me

Undoubtedly, we all miss this topic in a moment of tension. Blame yourself to reassure your partner.

TOP 2:

You deserve someone better

This without a doubt, but why leave the relationship if it is satisfied with you? It does not serve as an excuse!

TOP 3:

The best is that we take time

A time that goes from now until ... always!

TOP 4:

I am confused

My classmate confuses me ...

TOP 5:

I love you, but only as friends

You don't deserve that I love you, settle for us to be friends.

TOP 6:

We are too young to formalize our relationship

Have you been with your partner for a while and want to leave him? This is a good excuse.

TOP 7:

I'm not sure I love you

Great excuse to say everything and say nothing at once.

TOP 8:

My mother doesn't like you

Creativity has no limit. If you say this to your partner, you leave him unanswered.

TOP 9:

I leave you because I don't want to hurt you

Like I don't want to hurt you ... we better leave it.

TOP 10:

The last thing I want is to lose you as a friend

If we continue we will lose the friendship, so we leave it and such friends ...

Have you ever had to hear any of these excuses to break? Or have you missed any? Tell us which one you think is more ridiculous!