Symptoms of a Candy Crush Addict

Symptoms of a Candy Crush Addict
The game Candy Crash has become one of the most popular on the internet. Its players dedicate many hours a day to this game, some of them becoming even addicted. Do you want to know if you have become addicted to Candy Crush ? In LosTops we indicate some of the symptoms.

TOP 1:

You dream of candies that don't line up

And you wake up sweating and shouting: "Tasty ... Sweet!", You look at the clock, and it's time to play again, you've already recovered lives.

TOP 2:

You laugh at the newbies

Friends who run aground at level 36 and ask for help to overcome it are funny.

TOP 3:

Your friends insult you when you ask for lives

You don't understand why all your friends insult you when you ask them to send you lives. Whether by WhatsApp, SMS or by calling them at three in the morning.

TOP 4:

The time and date of the mobile is not correct

You have changed the mobile time so many times to get lives by cheating that you are already in the year 2035. And still you do not pass level 210.

TOP 5:

Chocolate became your enemy

You hate chocolate that dares to cross your path, and some insult escapes you in front of the screen. Just seeing a Milka tablet in the supermarket reminds you of that level that you sweat so much to overcome.

TOP 6:

Youtube solve your games

You have already had to turn to YouTube to know how to overcome some level of Candy Crush. Even if you don't fool yourself, it didn't help.

TOP 7:

Don't stop singing the Candy Crush's little musician

Let's do a test. Are you able to sing it right now?

TOP 8:

You force your friends to play

Candy Crush is like a cult, and you do everything in your power to have your friends join her. Is there anyone who plays Angry Birds? Surely you can convince him!

TOP 9:

You have stopped at the Metro

Do your subway trips end up lengthening because you don't get off when you play? If it has been only once nothing happens, but when you have to leave home 15 minutes before to arrive on time, you have a problem.

TOP 10:

Multicolored orgasm

You think that combining two multicolored balls is more pleasant than an orgasm. Seriously ... you have a problem!

And here the symptoms that you have become addicted to Candy Crush. But don't worry, not all vices are bad ... or yes?