Best places in Spain to eat meat

Best places in Spain to eat meat
If you are a great lover of good meat, in our country you can find many restaurants where you cook the best meat. Today I tell you what are the best restaurants in Spain to eat meat.

If you are in Madrid, one of the best restaurants is Rubayat, a restaurant that you will find on Juan Ram贸n Jim茅nez 37 Street. It is a Brazilian restaurant that offers its best grilled meats.

Another of the best restaurants specializing in red meat is Etxebarri, a restaurant that you can find in Vizcaya, in the Plaza San Juan 1. At the head of its grill is the well-known Vitor Arguinz贸niz, an expert in the embers that will know how to offer you the best meat at its point. This restaurant is considered one of the best in Spain in this type of food.

El Capricho can be found in Le贸n, exactly in the Place de la Vega without number. In this fantastic restaurant you can see how they cook your meat, on a wood grill that gives it that unique flavor. You can choose from a wide variety of the best meats in the area.

If we move to Navarra, we find Epeleta, a steakhouse in Lekumberri, located on Aralar Street without number. His best-known dish is chops, something you definitely have to try if you're lucky to go.

Finally, I recommend Casa de Juli谩n de Tolosa, another grill that you can find in Madrid, exactly on Calle Cava Baja 18. The star avocado is the t-bone steak, the perfect dish for meat lovers.