Manfrotto  - Manfrotto MB AV-BP-H-25 Drone Backpack Hover 25


Manfrotto Drone Backpack Hover 25: a versatile photo backpack

Aprox. 99€

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The Hover 25 Drone BackPack is intended for the storage of a DJI Mavic Pro drone and the Osmo stabilizer, but also for photo equipment, a 10 "tablet as well as personal effects. It is designed to withstand difficult conditions and incorporates a protective cover.

Positive points

Protective cover.

5 year warranty.

Tablet compartment.

Versatile storage.

Water repellent coating.

Waist belt.

Bad points

No compartment for a computer.

Not compatible with all drones.

Lack of reinforcement below.

Our review



The external dimensions of the Hover 25 are 26.5 x 19 x 55 cm, for internal dimensions of 29 x 18.5 x 51 cm. The materials used to manufacture this bag (Nylon, Ripstop and synthetic fabric) give it resistance to external conditions and a water-repellent coating prevents water from seeping inside the bag. For more effective protection, a cover is also provided.

The backpack is dressed in gray and features modern curves. The manufacturer guarantees it for 5 years against manufacturing defects and defective materials.


This bag is compatible with the DJI Mavic Pro drone and the Osmo and Osmo Mobile video stabilizers. The drone can be stored there easily since its retractable arms allow it to be folded to reduce its size (photo above). In the same way, you can also store a DJI Spark, for example, but it is more complicated to store a Parrot Bebop 2, too large.

The main compartment is large enough to insert other personal effects. If the bag is full, it is possible to adjust the closure of this pocket via the main clip located at the front of the bag which supports a first closure by tightening link; a system found on purses like bags.

The main pocket also includes a space for a touch pad (10 "maximum), but it is too small for a computer.

On both sides of the bag, two large pockets are also intended for the material. On the left, an insulated insert is designed to store batteries and protect them from extreme temperatures. Additional batteries can be stored, for example, in the zipped pocket located above the bag or on the sides. A hybrid type camera also fits into this large side pocket if it is equipped with a single large zoom. You can also store two small lenses, but little more. A modular separator facilitates organization and maintains the equipment. Other small pockets on the flap are present to accommodate cables and memory cards, for example.

The side pocket on the right is for the Osmo stabilizer. The small red pocket protects the camera and the ball joints and keeps the moving parts. The system is efficient, the Osmo is in place and does not wobble inside the bag. Other accessory and scratch pockets are used to store small accessories.

The bag is also supplied with straps to attach the tripod to the outside. This bag can be considered as hand luggage by the majority of airlines.

On the back of the bag, a mesh offers a ventilation system which prevents the back from being directly in contact with the bran, so as to limit perspiration. The waist belt also provides better support for the bag once on the back and incorporates a small zipped pocket. The shoulder pads are padded, which is always appreciated. This also provides more comfort for long hours of carrying the bag.

The bag lacks a reinforcement on the bottom to be placed safely. However, the bag can be tilted into the shoulder strap position; the side pockets can be quickly accessed without having to put the bag on the ground to take out the equipment.



The Hover 25 Drone BackPack is a versatile bag and suitable for those who have a variety of photo / video equipment. Camera, action-cam, personal effects, DJI drone and Osmo stabilizer, it is possible to take all this with you and in complete safety, in particular thanks to a protective cover provided. It basically lacks a location for a laptop and compatibility with drones from other manufacturers.