DJI  - DJI Phantom 4


DJI Phantom 4

Aprox. 1599€ - see price -

See specifications

Positive points

Defeated silhouette

Finishing up

Very good image quality and increasing too

Disconcerting ease of handling

Surprising automated flights

Obstacle avoidance functions

Subject tracking without the need for a receiver

Full application

Overall performance

Lightbridge connection

RAW photo (DNG) + JPEG

S-Log and Cinelike curves available

Convincing 4K 30p mode


Stable indoor flight thanks to sonar and camera


Bad points

No possibility to fly the drone with your smartphone

No screen on the remote control

Camera circuit exposed to the weather

Beware of the illusion of ease of handling

Landing gear too bulky in transport

Excessive smoothing of the image in shaded areas

Dynamics in the highlights too weak

Perfectible obstacle detection



  • Poor DJI Support and Quality Control

    I bought the DJI Phantom 4 Pro in January. I also own a DJI Mavic Pro and previously owned a Phantom 3 Standard so am not an amateur. Was excited thinking the P4P was top of it's class. Right out of the box, it wouldn't fly straight. I did every update possible; re-calibrated the IMU, compass, gimbal and controller. Nothing worked, it still consistently drifted off to the right. That is not a good trait when trying to fly property boundaries and construction trucking shots. After exhausting every fix that the numerous forums talked about, I contacted DJI and sent a video of the drifting. Obviously the DJI support people don't read the DJI Forum because they seemed to not have a clue. Their solution was not to fly it in cold weather (less than 32 degrees F) and don't fly it in the wind. The video I sent documenting the drift was at about 34 degrees and no wind and the P4P still drifted. Also, when using the C2 button to point the camera straight down, it would do a vertical flip with the image upside down and the controls backwards. Very dangerous is tight places. Contacting DJI was worthless. I found that it was still in the return period from Amazon so packed it up and returned it. I really want a Phantom 4 Pro but after this experience and reading about so many other problems in the forums, I'm concerned that DJI's quality control is poor and I know their support is pathetic.

  • DJI flyaway and crash

    Phantom 4 pro lost GPS in pmode with a lot of satellites and then proceeded to go into atti mode and fly backwards while ignoring user input. The drone flew full speed into a pole. Instead of honoring their warranty DJI has done nothing but given me the run-around. Amazon doesn't care that their merchant sold a product and the manufacturer isn't upholding their warranty. Do not buy a DJI product and do not buy an expensive electronic off of Amazon.