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Xoopar Mini XBoy: The Pocket Sound Art Toy

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With the Mini XBoy, Xoopar promises great compactness, as well as a surprising look and function. Let's see what the little guy has in his stomach.

Positive points



Hand strap.

Clear and intelligible voices.

Quite powerful.


Bad points

Incomplete orders.

No hands-free kit.

Lack of water / dust protection.

Very medium.

Autonomy below average.

Our review


Headphones at 2000 €, virtual spatialization, sound hologram, speaker with electrostatic speakers, musical furniture ... so many revolutionary, intriguing or fun products passed over the years by the editorial staff of dev.rankuzz.com. However, few of them seemed to create as many followers as the Mini XBoy, micro-speaker of humanoid shape holding in the palm of the hand.

Take the test, take it out without an evening: the good nature it gives off arouses almost instant sympathy among the people who approach it. His disproportionate head overhanging a frail body with movable arms gives him a Kenny look, probably not unrelated to the affection that the 80-90 generations have for him.

All clad in plastic, the Mini XBoy has an acceptable robustness for this type of template, ready to face girls' bags and sports bags. Note, however, that unlike the vast majority of ultra-portable speakers, it is neither waterproof nor splashproof. His headgear is none other than the acoustic fabric protecting the single speaker, and his face lights up in various colors (red, blue, green, yellow) when paired.

Let's talk about pairing: the single button allows not only power on / off (signified by a thunderous perfect chord whose volume cannot be adjusted), but also Bluetooth pairing (activated automatically when the speaker), pause / play and increase volume (only) by double pressing. Attention, a long press will not trigger the voice recognition ... it will just turn off the Mini Xboy.

We seek, we seek, in vain ... analog input in mini-Jack, there is no point. Living resolutely with the times, the Mini XBoy also acts as a selfie remote control - that's good, today comes out the Diamond Selfie test. To do this, you must be on the photo app, and press twice.

On the autonomy side, it is only 4h30 that we measure - for 4 hours promised -, moreover, without alert when the level weakens. The Mini Xboy, with small non-slip feet, is of course supplied with a charging cable, as well as a strap allowing it to be hung wherever you want - or almost.



Given its size, we should obviously not expect a rich and deep sound. Despite everything, the little agaric does its job of micro-speaker, delivering a fairly balanced sound at medium level.

It is therefore not a question of listening to orchestral music or metal, but everything that is acoustic / vocal (folk, certain types of jazz, chamber music, podcasts, etc.) is rather listenable. pleasantly - you can even push it a little further, with softly saturated what's up or Hunger Strike guitars.

Paradoxically, the grille of the Mini XBoy takes advantage of a larger surface than that of its predecessor, the XBoy-tout-court, and can thus diffuse the sound in a more omnidirectional way - even if the treble is less aggressive when one is face to face. Surprisingly powerful for its size, there is not necessarily an interest in pushing it to its limits: the distortion rises and the frequency response tightens suddenly around the mid frequencies, delivering a nasal and aggressive sound.



The Mini XBoy is a perfect little traveling companion, which will arouse the curiosity of people who come across it. Equipped with a selfie control and devoid of auxiliary input, this super-compact humanoid speaker delivers a sound focused on mediums, honorable for listening to podcasts and musical styles not very rich "frequently".