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Braven BRV-Pro: the ultimate modular backpacking speaker

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Specializing in nomadic speakers, Braven returns to our labs with the BRV Pro. This small model puts above all on its resistance, its autonomy and its modular concept. It can be upgraded and equipped with several accessories (sold separately) such as an additional battery, a fixing system, a solar panel or even a stacking system to integrate another BRV Pro speaker.

Positive points

Sound balance for a speaker of this size.

Fairly rich medium / Voice intelligibility.


Serious manufacturing / impact, drop and water resistance.

Numerous indications / Easy to use and configure.

Great autonomy.

Bad points

Dynamic compression which causes pumping effects.

Distortion a little too high, especially after 65-70% of the max volume.

Pronounced forward directionality.

No mini-jack cable provided.

No NFC chip.

Our review


The BRV Pro rests on a solid metallic chassis accompanied by several parts of hardened rubber. The materials used and the quality of its assembly leave no doubt about its resistance (IPX7 certified). The speaker can fall, bump, bump against other objects or even fall into the water (be careful not to exceed 1 m deep!), It does not flinch. If it falls into the water, remember to shake it a little to release the water from the grid and thus regain correct sound quality.

The BRV Pro is available in two colors: gray / black / blue, like our test copy, or black / red

Purchased alone, the speaker comes with the usual Braven strap as well as a USB cable and an Allen key. This allows you to dismantle the upper base to mount and connect the various accessories offered by the manufacturer. The operation is quite simple and never requires more than a minute or two. We would have liked a 3.5 mm mini-jack cable and a small storage case to accompany the speaker.

Getting started is very fast. The loudspeaker has all the controls that we usually look for on a portable speaker: volume control, playback management, call management and navigation between tracks. Only the latter is done in an unconventional way by pressing the "+" button to go to the next song and the "-" button to go back to the previous song / start of the current song.

Even if no NFC chip is present, pairing via Bluetooth (A2DP, HFP, AVRCP) is done without any problem over the many sound and light indications. To quibble a bit, we find that the sound quality of these indications is a bit average: we hear a small click at each end and beginning and a slight background noise.

The speaker can also be used wired via the 3.5 mm mini-jack connector and can charge a mobile device (smartphone, portable player, etc.) via the USB port.

This small enclosure also offers great autonomy. Even if it can not keep its promise, namely 30 hours of autonomy, it easily exceeds 21 hours of use at a good level of listening. To save the battery as well as possible, it has an automatic switch-off which is triggered after 30 min of inactivity.

As too often on this type of speaker, the hands-free kit is clearly not the most effective. To be heard a minimum, you have to be very close to the speaker, within 30 to 40 cm. Even under these conditions, our voice seems confined and therefore not very clear.



The small Braven BRV Pro offers surprisingly balanced sound reproduction for its size.

The bass is not the deepest and we would clearly have liked a little more. However, they have the merit of being fair enough and of placing themselves correctly in the scene so as not to mask other sources. The medium is quite rich and detailed, which allows voices or wind instruments (saxophone, trumpet, clarinet ...) to be expressed clearly. Electric guitars are also particularly sharp and sharp. The treble brings the necessary presence and shine but without exaggeration or sibilance.

However, two elements prevent it from providing an excellent experience and thus claiming the maximum score. First the distortion, which makes the bass a little confusing and all a little aggressive at high volume. You have to stay below 65-70% to calm the phenomenon. And it's a shame, because the speaker is relatively powerful. Second point, we feel a compression of the dynamics more or less important according to the songs, especially on the songs with mixing and mastering well compressed basic, with small pumping effects triggered by very marked transients (snare drum and percussion in general).

The communication latency in Bluetooth is correct (around 160 ms delay). This allows you to watch a film or series without being too disturbed by a possible lag between sound and image.



The Braven Pro is a portable speaker with many qualities: it is both robust, very easy to use, its controls are complete and its sound rendering is balanced given its size. However, it barely misses the last step because of the lack of control over its power, which results in a slightly too high distortion and pumping effects when the volume is turned up too high.